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Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NA6 chassis

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Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NA6 chassis

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An excellent combination of value and performance. It used to be called the Voodoo II. Now includes Inconel studs as standard!

CARB legal!

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata



Emissions legal everywhere in the US! CARB EO D-601-3. This is the only truly CARB legal forced induction option available for the 1.6.

Easy installation of safe and clean power. Our Stage 1 turbo system - previously known as the Voodoo II - is ideal for someone looking for an easy installation, good horsepower, no emissions hassles and lots of upgrade potential. Expect approximately 160 hp at the rear wheels, compared to a stock 93 hp. This is limited by the size of the stock injectors. The intercooler means that you will keep all of your horsepower no matter how hard you run your car.

All of our turbo kits use the same basic hardware for super easy upgrade-ability. Every part has been designed taking performance, durability and installation ease into consideration.We don't believe there is a better (or more complete) turbo system available. With our kits, you won't be making extra trips to the hardware store for nuts and bolts; every part you need is included.

However, you won't necessarily feel the need to upgrade. The Voodoo Box ekes as much power as possible out of the stock injectors without resorting to mechanical tricks such as high fuel pressure. There's no tuning and no need to install high-pressure fuel pumps or bother with fuel lines at all. The car simply makes smooth, effortless power without a fuss.

Fuel management is handled by our own Voodoo Box, which uses the stock injectors to deliver more fuel. Because it only modifies the signal under boost, the car acts completely stock at idle and cruise. Tuning is a quick and simple process.

The turbo is a GT2560R, which is a great match to the Miata engine at this boost level. It makes just as much boost down low as a smaller unit, but without choking off the top end. It's now attached to the manifold with our custom-made Inconel studs and Stage 8 fasteners - an upgrade from the stainless steel studs we used to use.

Along with this turbo system, you will need a new clutch. Cars that see track use or are in hot climates will also require a radiator upgrade.

The downpipe may or may not fit with your automatic transmission. We've seen mixed results. We cannot guarantee fitment with an automatic.

If you only want selected components to use as a base for a custom build or if you want to use your own engine management, check out our custom spec kit.

Remember, all FM products come with full Lifetime Support to the original purchaser!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part number 22-1XXXX NA6 STAGE 1
Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
Manufacturer No
Flyin' Miata exclusive Yes
Fits Exocet? Yes
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
California emissions Emissions legal in California

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

The Payoff Is Huge
- Installed on 1991 NA 1.6 with 75k odometer (Purchased the full FM turbo kit)
- Took roughly 50 total hours (I also have NO mechanical skill, messed stuff up, but learned alot)
- With this kit, I had to install a full FM exhaust makeover (the old system was 28 years of rust and neglect)

//INSTALL: This project includes everything you'd expect; wiring, cutting, cussing, drilling, trimming, test fitment, 2nd test fitment, torquing things down to spec, stepping back and smirking at your progress, then realizing "hey whats this part still doing on the workbench?"... 3rd test fitment. If you take your time and read the manual you'll certainly have an easier time than I did. FM is very helpful with answering any questions and working you through any issues you might have. The hardest part for me was the wire/vacuum line routing from A-pillar to under the dash, because contorting your body to stare under your steering wheel is unnatural- my suggestion is remove your driver seat if you need more space to work. Overall, install was simple for a novice like myself.

//STARTUP & DRIVE: Make sure you're double checking your timing with the timing light and checking for engine knock noises. Give the engine bay and floor a once-over for leaks while the car is running. I had an issue with a seized brake, but that's because I had my car on stands for 4 months. If you installed an AFR with your kit, make sure your numbers are good in all the different ranges as well as idle. You can do your homework on those numbers by looking around on forums etc. First 500 miles of driving is break-in period, and you should be checking your engine bay and fluids regularly to make sure all things are holding up. After that, its all fun. Rev out those gears to hear those sweet BOV releases, it's a head turner in my small town for sure

//OVERALL: Fun project, plenty of horsepower (more than double stock for me) and I can't thank FM enough for providing such an immaculate full kit that requires no extra runs to your local nut and bolt shop. Seriously, that alone takes so much headache out of the whole thing.

//YOUTUBE: FlyinMiata has a full installation of this turbo kit on their youtube channel- so if the manual has you scratching your head, check there. The full 10 video series is located in their "Stage 1 Turbo Install" playlist
Review by Reisce / (Posted on 5/21/2020)
FM2 2554R 1991 NA6
I had a shop here in Maine install an FM2 Turbo combo consisting of a 2554R, Full FM Exhaust, Clutch Happy Meal with light flywheel and MS2 engine management. The end result was 205WHP (more than double the 95 it had on the same dyno prior to installation). 200hp in one of these cars is nothing short of amazing. The shop claimed the kit was one of the best-fitted and most complete they had ever had the privilege of working with. Very happy with fit and finish, and the quality of parts is second to none.
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 2/18/2020)
Legal and real power for your NA Miata
I ordered this stage 1 kit for my 91 Miata last year holiday season. And have one of my friend who is a auto shop owner to installed for me on his leisure time and it took about two weeks to finish with couple hrs a day with me on side help him out. He told me the instruction is very detailed and he didn't have any problem to install the kit. Since this is my daily driver (45 miles) to the office I thought the drive ability will suffer and the gas mileage will reduce in a big way as I'm getting more than 50% of additional horse power and torque to the little 1.6 engine. And I was wrong, I'm getting consistence local/highway combined 22 mpg compare with 28 mpg before the turbo install. That's 21% decrease in fuel economy with 50% + gain in power is well worth it. And the drive ability below 3000rpm Miata feels normal, then after 3000rpm and turbo start to boost up and boy what a night and day difference for passing a slower vehicle under any condition especially up hill just step on the gas paddle in 5th gear and car will just keep accelerate which this surprised my passenger and knowing that this is CA smog legal is a icing on the cake for me. Highly recommended if you are looking for legal and real power for your Miata this is the only after market kit for you.
Review by Owen / (Posted on 2/11/2020)
I also made this upgrade part of an extended total project for my 1990 1.6 (150K on the odometer, 71k on the replacement J-Spec Motor) - Turbo, MS Motor Mounts, FM Springs, FM Rear Shock Mounts, Paco MotorSports Braces, Delrin Door Bushings, Coolant Reroute, FM Adjustable End Links, MiataRoadster Shortshifter, and a full tune up (Water Pump, Belts, Etc).
The only additional items I had to purchase were gaskets I ripped (Be careful with the gasket if you opt for the hard oil lines). I made more support calls to FM than I care to admit to make sure my install was correct. Awesome support. Most difficult part of install for me was also installation of turbo outlet IC pipe to the IC which route in the same area of the lower radiator hose AND the hard oil line which is in this same area. Turns out there is only one exact correct way to route these together without crimping or distorting the hoses. Took a few install attempts to get it just right. Then everything fit perfectly.
I had the transmission out of the car for my install. Note:If you have your tranny out, the engine will lean forward and make the oil pan drill difficult. I had to use a jack to push the engine back into place to line the drill up properly.
I had a NASTY electrical issue (due to previous owner) that FM support spent weeks with me on trying to figure out. I can't thank them enough for staying calm as I was losing my mind.
Power is amazing and delivered so smoothly. The SOUND takes the car to an 11. It's not obnoxiously loud, its snarly and mean and I LOVE IT. Also when you're cruising out of boost she sounds like normal, so no worries about droning on long cruises.
Completely Ecstatic customer for life.
Review by FM FAN FOR LIFE / (Posted on 7/9/2019)
CARB turbo into 1990 1.6
I made the upgrade part of an extended total project for my 1990 1.6 (150K on the odometer) - CARB turbo package, clutch package (FM happy meal) and rear differential (4.1 torsen).
Took my time, about three months, part time several short days per week. All parts were in the turbo package. I didn't need to purchase any thing additional. Made periodic support calls to FM to make sure my progress and install decisions were correct. Awesome support. Most difficult part of install for me was installation of turbo outlet IC pipe to the IC which route in the same area of the lower radiator hose. Turns out there is only one exact correct way to route these together without crimping or distorting the hoses. Took a few install attempts to get it just right. Then everything fit perfectly.
I had the engine and transmission out of the car for my install. When completed, started right up. No leaks or issues. Running timing at 4 degrees and boost at 6 PSIG first 500 miles as part of the break-in protocol for system and new clutch. Plenty of power - surprisingly, much faster than my stock 2005 MSM even at these low boost levels.
Totally happy customer with the product, service and the final result.
Review by Charlie K / (Posted on 4/24/2019)
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Turbo manifold and outlet with Inconel hardware (NA6) (currently on backorder)
GT2560R turbocharger
Intercooler w/ hardware, 1990-1997 (currently on backorder)
Piping, clamps and intake kit, NA6 Stage 1 turbo
Recirculated bypass valve kit (2554 and 2560 turbo)
Misc. parts for Stage 1 turbo kit (Bag 8D, includes EO sticker)
Turbo oil supply kit for 1990-95 and MSM blocks (bag 4A)
Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A) (more info)
High temperature rubber oil drain (bag 5A) (more info)
Turbo heat shield for NA and NB chassis (more info)

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Price as configured: $3,843.00