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Flyin' Miata BBR Stage 1 turbo for ND

The turbo in place.
Flyin' Miata BBR Stage 1 turbo for ND

Automobile Magazine called it "magic". More horsepower and torque for your ND. And emissions legal in all 50 states!

Tested on track for 15 solid hours without any problems.

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Flyin' Miata BBR Stage 1 turbo for ND (50 state version with EO): 7 in stock



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Now available in a 50-state, CARB legal version! Yes, you can have a legal turbo in California. CARB EO D-601-3.

Does your ND Miata crave boost? Here's the solution from the turbo experts at BBR. It's a beautifully engineered piece of kit, adapted for LHD use.

A custom 3071 provides lots of power headroom with fast response thanks to the twin scroll design and the ND's high compression. It's mounted to a tubular-style cast manifold for best flow and durability. Hard intercooler pipes take the charge through an air/air intercooler to maximize density. The high flow downpipe mates up to a stock exhaust or a higher flowing alternative. Expect a gain of at least 55 hp and 55 lb-ft of torque with a stock exhaust.

Easy installation with no drilling or changes to the fuel system. It's the quickest turbo install we've ever done, and the quietest we've ever driven. You can't hear any hisses or other noises, the car just digs in and pulls hard.

You will need a new standard size battery as the terminals have to be in a different place, but otherwise everything required for installation is included.

The 50-state version has a different downpipe that incorporates your existing catalytic converter. The turbo kit will come with a shipping label so you can send us your stock exhaust manifold for modification, then we'll ship it back to you within three business days of receipt. In the future, we will also have the option to build the downpipe with a brand new factory cat.

Please note that the first catalytic converter is deleted with the non-50-state version. You will have to relocate your second O2 sensor to be behind the remaining cat in order to avoid a check engine light. If you are using a stock midpipe or an aftermarket midpipe that does not include an extra O2 sensor bung, you will need to add one. The FM midpipe includes the required sensor bung.

  •  BBR bespoke twin scroll hybrid TSX30-71R turbocharger including jet turbine specification fixings 
  •  BBR bespoke cast iron twin scroll exhaust manifold 
  •  BBR stainless steel downpipe (with or without catalytic converter)
  •  BBR high-flow lightweight front mounted aluminium intercooler with factory look black intake pipes 
  •  BBR high-flow custom silicone turbo pipes in factory look black finish with stainless steel hose clamps and unique black coating 
  •  BBR lightweight aluminium battery tray in factory black finish 
  •  BBR Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish 
  •  BBR / Bosch MAP / Temperature sensor 
  •  BBR high efficiency carbon fibre turbocharger heat shield 
  •  BBR high flow K&N Typhoon induction kit 
  •  BBR stainless steel oil and water lines 
  •  BBR Starchip EcuTek RaceRom calibration software 

Flyin' Miata is the exclusive distributor of BBR products in the US.

Please note that the kit is set up for correct boost at sea level. If you live at higher altitude (2000' or more), we do recommend a manual boost controller to bring the system into the desired range. This is not needed at lower altitudes. Fits the 2.0 engine, not compatible with the 1.5 sold outside North America.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Part number 22-185XX BBR stage 1
TÜV approval available No
Fits: 2016 MX-5 soft top, 2017 MX-5 soft top, 2017 MX-5 RF, 2018 MX-5 soft top, 2018 MX-5 RF, 2019 MX-5 soft top, 2019 MX-5 RF
Manufacturer BBR
Flyin' Miata exclusive Yes
Fits Exocet? No
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
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