Brake pads for four piston Dynapro calipers

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14-36PAD-dynapro 4 piston
Dynapro calipers are the standard front caliper in our Big Brake Kits.

The Dynapro is the caliper used on the front of all our current Big Brake Kits as well as the NC Little Big Brake Kit.

Kits before early 2014 - and those shipped since that time from other suppliers - may have a Dynalite caliper instead. They're easy to tell apart, the Dynapro has a big W shaped pin retaining the pads while the Dynalite has a single pin in the middle. Please look at the diagram of the pad design to ensure you are buying the correct pads.

If you would like a pad from a different pad manufacturer, ask for Wilwood plate 7812 for the four piston.

We have several brake pad options available for this caliper.

The BP-10 is a street compound. It's quiet and doesn't dust much and is fairly consistent through the temperature range. It is a medium friction pad with smooth engagement and a low to medium wear rate. As it gets hot, it will wear more quickly. This is the standard pad for Dynapro applications.

The BP-20X is the newest compound here. It's quiet enough for street use but will hold up well to track use. There's a chance of some squeaking with light street use, but it's the closest thing we've seen to a pad that can do everything.

The BP-40 is a track pad. It's what we use on our V8 track cars. High friction even when cold, nice smooth response, and good wear characteristics.

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