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Wheel and tire packages

Flyin' Miata is a Tire Rack dealer, so we can get anything they sell. Our prices are the same as theirs - but we know Miatas better, so we can give you better advice on unusual fitments.

We also carry some wheels that they do not. We can offer packages for them as well. Please contact us for details. For information on these wheels, you'll find them listed for your car.
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NA8 chassis
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An important note about these packages:
These are samples. We can offer literally thousands of wheel/tire packages. The packages here are good options for various Miata uses due to size, performance and price. The prices are an approximation, as wheel and tire prices change faster than we update the website. They should be very close, and you can call us to confirm exactly. All of our packages are shipped with the tires mounted and balanced and include lug nuts, valve stems and centering rings where required. Instant gratification, just bolt on and go!

If you're interested in ordering wheels and tires for your Miata, please contact us by email or by phone at 1-800-FLY-MX5s (359-6957).

1990-05 packages

Targa Miata footwear- $1312

Maximum grip without Hoosier costs. This is what the 466 wheel hp Targa Miata ran in the 2014 track season.

The wheel is the flow formed 12.1 lb Advanti Storm S1 in 15x9. Light and strong! The tire is a 225/45-15 Toyo RR. It's a street legal track tire that shares the friendly characteristics of the popular Toyo RA1 or Nitto NT01, but at a higher grip level.

This package will require some light fender modification on 1990-97 cars, none on 1999-05 models. It also requires the use of coilovers with a 2.5" or smaller spring diameter, such as our V-Maxx, Ground Control or AFCO suspensions.

The wheels are available in matte grey (shown) or black.


  • different wheel. We can build this package with either a 949Racing 6UL or a Jongbloed wheel. Due to the fact that these come out of a different warehouse than the tires, this would be considerably more expensive if you wanted them mounted and balanced. Add approximately 25% to the cost for this.
Sport - $848

A great all-around street and autocross setup. It's even good on the track. Yes, it'll do just about anything. And check that price!

We started with the TRMotorsports C1M wheel. It combines a good 13.6 lb weight with a very low price.

The tire is the most excellent (deep breath) Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec in a 205/50-15. It's our favorite high performance true street tire.

The wheels are available in light grey (shown on the car), silver (shown at below left) or black.


Nancy's Targa footwear - $1340

When it came time to choosing wheels and tires for Nancy (our supercharged 2006) to run the Targa Newfoundland, we went to our favorite street tire and a strong and affordable wheel. We didn't regret it one bit - we used this setup for the Targa in a hurricane, then a 2000 mile highway drive, then two days at Laguna Seca without doing anything more than checking pressures. And they're ready for more.

Once again, we went to a TRMotorsport wheel. The C3 is a 17x9 that weighs in at just under 20 lbs and is strong. The tire is the Dunlop ZII Star Spec, the all-around winner for us. This package includes a 235/45-17 tire, which is the largest that fits under the stock soft top fenders without any modification. Power hardtop cars will want a 225. We can also supply a 245/40-17, which requires a bit of fender rolling but gives more traction. If you really want big feet, there's even a 255/40-17 which also requires fender pulling.

The package price does not include TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors. If you'd like a set installed when the tires are mounted and balanced, that will add about $200 to the price. You can run without the sensors, but your car will complain that you have four flat tires.

The wheels are available in bright silver, light grey (shown) and black.

A common question is: why a 235/45-17 instead of the smaller 235/40-17? That's due primarily to availability. Very few tires are made in the 235/40-17 size and the Dunlops are considerably more expensive in that size. We know the extra 1" of overall diameter doesn't cause a problem.

Lightweight all-around - $1364

Looking for a minimum weight setup at a reasonable price? Here you go. And it's not just light, it's sticky, too. This will be a very fast autocross, street and track combination.

The wheel is the 17x8 Kosei K4R. At 14.8 lbs, it's lighter than even the popular Enkei RPF1 and considerably less expensive. That's what's called a win-win.

For the tire, we chose the 235/45-17 Hankook RS3. One of the fastest street tires out there in the biggest size that will fit under the unmodified soft top fenders. We recommend a 225 for the power hard top cars. This combination should make your MX-5 light on its feet.

The package price does not include TPMS sensors. If you'd like a set installed when the tires are mounted and balanced, that will add about $200 to the price. You can run without the sensors, but your car will complain that you have four flat tires.