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What is a Westfield?

Flyin' Miata is no longer handling Westfield sales. You can purchase them from Manik Technologies.

Westfield is a British sports car manufacturer that specializes in lightweight kit cars.

The car is inspired by the classic Lotus Seven design. The SEi has independent rear suspension, full fibreglass bodywork and is considered by many to be technically superior to a Caterham. These aren't the stereotypical dodgy kit car but a complete car that just needs a few bits bolted together.

Westfield recently introduced an SEi that is designed to use a 1990-05 Miata as a donor. This makes a lot of sense, as the Miata has some very good lightweight components and is also available worldwide. We like the idea because we know how to make these components really move. We like it so much that we've become the exclusive dealer for the SEi Miata in North America.

Flyin' Miata offers not only the kit, but also fully-built turn-key cars and pallets full of parts to allow completion.

What sort of performance can be expected? Even with a bone-stock 1.6 motor, they'll sprint to 60 mph in under 6 seconds and can run with much more exotic machinery on the racetrack. They're a contender for the fastest time of the day at any autocross they attend. Naturally, there's a full range of performance upgrades available that can take you right into ludicrous power/weight ratios.

There's truly world-class potential in one of these cars.