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Flyin' Miata fleet cars for sale

We have a big fleet of cars here at Flyin' Miata. We have to in order to support and develop parts for four generations of cars spanning nearly 30 years of production. We have four NDs!

In order to make room for a couple of big projects coming down the line, we need to thin out the fleet a bit. A couple of our signature cars are available.

Red car

"Rufus" - 2017 RF turbo SOLD!

If there were a Mazdaspeed version of the ND, this would be it. A nicely judged selection of upgrades that enhance the car instead of changing it. Here's what Automobile Magazine had to say about this car:

Flyin’ Miata’s latest MX-5 masterpiece, the RF Turbo...is a rare thing in the world of aftermarket tuned cars: It’s not different, it’s just better...
The result is a car that accelerates quicker, corners harder and more precisely, and stops more reliably than any factory-issue fourth-generation Miata, all while preserving the car’s innate balance, tossable demeanor, and linear power delivery. Despite its much larger performance envelope, the same love letter to pure, simple joy remains.
...despite the long hours and rougher secondary highways I traveled, the RF Turbo’s suspension soaked up the bumps and dips so well I never once suffered the jarring feeling that often accompanies an overtuned sport suspension. This is clearly a car that’s meant to be driven every day, not some trailer-queen track toy.
Read the whole article here including more photos of the car

Rufus is a 2017 RF in GT specification - black leather interior, Soul Red paint - and with the optional front air dam and side skirts from the Appearance Package. We bought the car new and it currently has approximately 14,000 miles on it and is still in as-new condition other than the modifications. The engine is not the original as we installed a set of BBR cams and valve springs on the original engine, and decided to keep that one together so we dropped in the engine from our 2016 GT when the turbocharger went on. The current engine has slightly lower mileage than the chassis, but at 14,000 miles it doesn't really make any difference!

The car has seen no high speed track use but has been around our local kart track a few times. Most of the mileage is from road trips, as the car has been exhibited at meets ranging from Georgia to California and is often driven there. This is also the car that underwent the CARB testing. Available either in CARB legal trim or with a catless downpipe.

There are approximately $12,000 worth of aftermarket parts on the car. MSRP on a Soul Red 2019 GT with the Appearance Package is $36,375. For less than that, you can have a huge amount of torque, upgraded suspension, sexy bronze wheels and stronger, lighter brakes all put together by the experts at Flyin' Miata. Rufus is a staff favorite, but unfortunately we need the space and he has to go.

Parts list:

BBR Stage 1 turbo system
FM high-flow midpipe
FM Hush-O-Matic active exhaust with CAN control

FM Stage 2 suspension (Koni Sport shocks, FM springs, FM sway bars)
Backup camera
17x8 6UL bronze wheels with 235/40-17 Yokohama S.drive tires

The car is currently at our headquarters in Palisade, CO. The car is can be legally registered in California. 

Blue car

"Whiskers" - turbo Catfish SOLD!

We built this Catfish as a demo car. Think of it as an Exocet's beautiful sister - a light weight car that's as pure to drive as a 1750 lb Miata, but with exotic looks. We are no longer building Catfishes for customers, and this car needs a new home.

It was built out of a 2004 donor with approximately 120,000 miles. The engine was completely serviced with all new seals and belts before being installed. Naturally we also installed an FM II turbo system with a Hydra ECU along with a series of cooling and fuel upgrades. The suspension is our V-Maxx XXTreme Sport with a front sway bar and a four-wheel Little Big Brake Kit to give a solid pedal and light weight. The overall weight is 1750 lbs with approximately 220 rear wheel horsepower. 

The body is coated in Lexus Ultrasonic Blue paint, which is stunning under any light. The frame is hand-painted and we'll admit it's not a great job, but it's only visible when you're underneath the car or underhood. The car comes with two hoods - one fitted with aeroscreens and another with a full-width windshield. The interior is quite simple with two Sparco seats and suede-covered panels, and there is a rear camera to supplement the two side mirrors. It's also surprisingly roomy inside. Please note that the Catfish has no provisions for a top, doors or trunk - it's a pure roadster.

The car is not currently registered. We can offer it either with the proper paperwork for a first-time registration (MSO, receipts for the powertrain, etc) or we can have it registered here in Colorado first. The build was completed in 2014 and has only seen occasional promotional use since then. It has been driven enough to be debugged and that's about it. Yes, it can be registered in California even with the turbocharged powerplant.

Parts list:

2004 VVT 1.8 engine with a 5-speed transmission
FM II Hydra turbosystem with GT2560 turbo
Hard lines for oil and water
FM Big Fuel kit
Level 1 Happy Meal
Crossflow radiator with Stage 2 airflow kit

Four wheel Little Big Brake kit in red
V-Maxx XXtreme Sport coilovers
FM front sway bar
17x9 Tungsten 6UL tires with 245/40-17 BFG Rival tires (yes, they're huge but they look awesome)

Sparco Sprint seats with Planted brackets and Sparco sliders
G-Force harnesses
MOMO Prototipo wheel on a quick release
rear camera

The car is currently at our headquarters in Palisade, CO. The car is can be legally registered in California. Please contact Keith at 970 464 5600 or keith@flyinmiata.com to discuss.