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1999-05 FM turbo choices
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Kit engine management injectors IC boost power install/tune price
Voodoo Turbo Voodoo box stock no 6 170 hp * / * $2995
Voodoo II Turbo Voodoo box stock yes 8 190 hp ** / * $3345
FM II Hydra Hydra Nemesis 700cc yes 10 250 hp *** / **** $5295
FM IIR Hydra Hydra Nemesis 1000cc yes lots 400+
(built engine required)
****/**** $6395
no electronics n/a n/a yes ? ? ** / ? $2995

IC = intercooler.
boost = recommended boost level for a stock engine. The FM II systems can easily support more than 10 psi of boost but stronger engine internals are recommended beyond that point.
power = horsepower as measured at the rear wheels. Stock rear wheel horsepower (rwhp) is typically around 110-115 hp.
install/tune = the relative difficulty of installing and tuning the system with one star being easiest and four stars being the most difficult.

So, which is best for you? The Voodoo Turbo is simple, inexpensive, easy to install and requires no tuning. It's the choice for someone who wants no fuss, just more power and torque. The FM II is for drivers who want more power at the expense of a more fiddling and cost. All ECUs are shipped pre-programmed to make life as easy as possible.

All power levels are given with the standard GT2560R turbocharger and one of our turbo exhausts.

A new clutch is generally needed at around 180 hp, but this depends on the health of your existing clutch as well as driving style. The FM II will definitely require clutch upgrades. Exhaust upgrades are recommended for all turbo systems to take full advantage of the potential.