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Features comparison between the Hydra Nemesis and FM221

    Hydra 2.7 Gamma  FM221 
Physical Features PnP in stock case   x
  Remote w/ jumper harmess x  
  Onboard MAP sensor 45 psi 21 psi
  USB FTDI onboard   x
  Serial port x  
  High impedance injector drivers x x
  Low impedance injector drivers x  
  CAN output x  
  Check Engine light control x x
  Tach output x x
  Fuel pump output x x
  VICS output x x
  Warranty (original owner) 1 year Lifetime
  FM Lifetime Support (original owner) x x
GUI features 3D maps 32x32 16x16
  2D maps 1x16 x x
  Axis user definable x x
  Windows user definable   x
  Dashboard user definable   x
  Onboard datalogging x x
  Laptop datalogging   x
  User flashable firmware x x
  Private (locked) maps possible x planned
  Copy & paste x x
Fuelling Base fuel table x x
  Sequential Injection x x
  Decel Fuel Cut x x
  Staged Injection x planned
  Pulsewidth (milliseconds) Mode x  
  Volumetric Efficiency Mode x x
  Injector trims per cylinder x x
  Coolant temperature fuel trim x x
  Air temperature fuel trim x x
  Throttle pump enrichment x x
  Injector response x x
  Auxiliary fuel trim x x
  Tip-in enrichment x x
  Post-decel cut enrichment / decay x x
  AC Clutch Enrichment  x  
  Boost Compensation x x
  Idle fuel trim   x
  ISC position Fuel trim opt x
  Throttle derivative fuel trim x x
  Engine speed delta fuel trim opt  
  Fuel pressure fuel trim opt x
  Fuel temperature fuel trim opt  
  Barometric pressure fuel trim opt x
  Humidity fuel trim opt  
  Exhaust gas temperature fuel trim opt planned
  Purge / evap control x x
  Fuel pump prime x x
  Manifold wetting coefficient x  
  RPM hard limit x x
  RPM soft limit x x
Lambda closed loop Lambda 3D target table x x
  Internal Wideband x  
  External Wideband opt x
  Narrowband x x
  NB / WB hybrid mode x  
  Lambda Short Term Trim x x
  Lambda Long Term Trim x x
  Fuel type selector x x
  LTT confidence table   x
  Closed Loop start temperature x x
  Auxiliary lambda target table x x
  Start delay x x
Ignition Base ignition table x x
  Sequential ignition  x  
  Ignition trims per cylinder x planned
  Auxiliary ignition trim x x
  Backup ignition table x x
  Ignition upper limit x planned
  Ignition lower limit x  
  Coolant temperature ignition trim x x
  Air temperature ignition trim x x
  AC engaged ignition trim set x  
  STT ignition trim opt  
  Barometric pressure ignition trim opt  
  Fuel temperature ignition trim opt  
  Humidity ignition trim opt  
  Exhaust gas temperature ignition trim opt  
Engine Trimming VVT intake 3D closed loop x x
  TPS:MAP weight (Alpha N Mode) x  
  Programmed MAP x  
  Injector phasing x  
  Dwell base x x
  Dwell engine speed trim x x
  Decel fuel cut lower limit x x
  Antilag x x
  Launch control x x
  Flat shift x  
Knock control Knock threshold x x
  Knock fuel & ignition trim x x
  Knock response Boost trim x  
Cooling Main & A/C fan control x x
  A/C clutch control x x
  Water injection x x
Boost Control Closed or Open loop boost control x x
  Maximum boost x x
  Boost RPM trim x x
  Boost coolant temperature trim x  
  Boost air temperature trim x  
  Boost throttle position trim x x
  Auxiliary boost target/maximum Boost trim x x
Idle Speed Control Base Closed Loop Idle Speed Target x x
  Open loop idle control x x
  Post start Idle Speed Target Trim x x
  Coolant temperature RPM Limit trim x x
  Cranking ISC Valve Duty Cycle x x
  ISC error ignition trim x  
  AC on idle speed trim x  
  AC Clutch ISC Anticipate x x
  Fan ISC anticipates x x
  PS load Idle Speed Target Trim x  
  Max ISC Valve Duty Cycle x x
  Min ISC Valve Duty Cycle x x
  Turbo Timer x  
  Drive By Wire control x x
PWM Maps 2D PWM MAP (8 available) x  
  3D PWM Map (3 available) x  
Starting Post-start enrichment  x x
  Aux post-start enrichment   x
  Post-start enrichment decay x x
  Cranking enrichment x x
  Aux cranking enrichment x x
  Cranking enrichment decay x planned
  Start primer x x
  Aux start primer x x
  Post-start throttle pump trim x x
Alternator control Alternator voltage target (closed loop) x x
Gear VSS/RPM ratio x x
  Gear fuel trim x  
  Gear fuel trim lower load limit x  
  Gear ignition trim x  
  Gear Boost trim x x
  Traction Control opt  
Sensor Calibration Coolant temperature sensor x x
  Air temperature sensor x x
  TPS sensor x x
  MAP sensor x x
  Battery sensor   x
  WBO2 sensor x x
  Vehicle speed x x
  Auxilliary input sensor calibration 4 2
Output Configuration Simple x x
  Switch x  
  PWM x  
  Custom equation x  
Input Request Types Aux Analog low request 4 2
  Aux Digital high request 4  
  Aux Digital low request 2 3
  AC Request x x
  Launch (clutch) Request x x
  Antilag Request x  
  Auxiliary Request x x
  Datalog Request x x
  Immobilizer Request x  
  Daignostic Request x  
  Valet Request x  
  Backup Request x  
  Steering Request x  
  Flatfoot Request x  
  Traction Request opt  
  Speed limiter opt  
  AC Pressure  opt  
  Oil Pressure opt  
  Clutch switch opt  
  Brake switch opt  
  Neutral switch opt  
  External Wideband opt x
  Flex Fuel Support x x
  External barometric opt  
  External MAP opt  
  External humidity opt  
  External fuel temp opt  
  External ambient temp opt  
  External cabin temp opt  
  External engine bay temp opt  
  External intake air temp opt  
  External pre/post IC temp opt  
  External A/C evap temp opt  
  External oil temp opt  
  External EGT opt  
  External fuel temp opt  
  External exhasut pressure opt  
  External fuel tank pressure opt  
  External transmission temp opt  
  External steering angle opt  
  External axle torque opt  
  External differential temp opt  
  External fuel pressure opt  
  External oil pressure opt  
  External battery temp opt  
  External alternator current opt