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FM V-Maxx Classic Stage 2 suspension kit (NB chassis)

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2018):

Great kit when purchased with new bushings. I was able to do all four corners and the sway bars in a night just using basic hand tools and a cheap spring compressor kit. The kit does not match the price, it is a great value.

After letting the suspension settle for a week I did a final height adjustment (12" front and 12.5" rear) and got the car aligned to the given specs. Before the final height adjustment, a set of frame rail reinforcements, derlin door bushings, fender braces, and the alignment I was slightly concerned about how the car felt. After everything was installed and dialed in I am now in love with how the car drives down the road and handles in the corners. The ride is gentle enough to drive daily but firm enough to let me rip around the corners with confidence inspiring grip.

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