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Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for the ND chassis

Product Review (submitted on November 9, 2018):
The Fox coilovers are outstanding. I've had them installed about 1 month now and not only are they great on the street they are amazing on the track. This is the general feedback I left on the miata.net forum:

"Apparently the tire shop who did my alignment (after I did the coilover install) accidentally inflated the tires to 40 psi instead of 30 psi. I didn't catch this error until after I had done my initial street review. As a result I concluded that the setup was harsher than anticipated. Well, as you can imagine, the ride quality and characteristics were significantly improved after correcting the tire pressure. I would now refer to both track and street characteristics as fantastic. I'm very happy with the compromise between street-ability and track-ability. These coilovers are just excellent all around and are very suitable for all road types and surfaces."

"I did my first track day (recently) and thought I would post some feedback on how the Fox suspension performed. In one word: amazing. These coilovers are great on the track. I had 20 uninterrupted minutes on track with a Miata spec pro. He loved the way the car handled and had nothing but positive feedback. It was my first track experience but I was extremely impressed as well."

Basically, these things are great. If you can afford the premium price point then you will definitely enjoy the premium performance both on the road and the track. I think they are worth every penny.