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Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for the ND chassis

Product Review (submitted on November 9, 2018):
This is my first set of coilovers on the ND, but I've driven a different set in the canyons as well. The FM coilovers are exactly as they advertise. They are well constructed, light, easy to adjust, and make the car very fun.

The recommended setup is pretty good, though after getting swaybars, I think they work better when augmented with stiffer bars (or maybe 9/5 springs which I'll be trying soon). I bring enough tools to the canyons to do quick ride height changes, and honestly the heights and alignment specs they recommend are pretty spot on.

The coilovers make the car feel even more lively, respond faster than OEM, while still having good ride quality and much less lean. They also have a ton of suspension travel, though I highly recommend you not run all 3 travel limiting spacers in the front unless you are running a massive diameter tire. The more playfulness does cause the car to move around more when you hit a large bump at high speeds IMO (compared to my friends coilovers with adjustable compression), but his car is a lot more serious and boring at all other times, which really goes against what the ND was about anyways. This is the setup I think OEM should have had, low compromises and very fun / responsive.