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Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (NB chassis)

Product Review (submitted on November 1, 2018):
This suspension package is everything they say it is. The adjustable Konis provide a great ride; stiffer than stock, but not in any way harsh. I used the base setting included in the instructions, but it's possible set it for a stiffer ride.

A friend and I did the install and only encountered one issue we didn't anticipate. When the shocks and springs were newly installed, wasn't possible to use the lock washer with the nut for the top shock bolt. Initially the washer wouldn't leave enough thread to get the nut on. I drove it for a week with only the top nut bolted on and by then the bushings at the top had compressed enough to allow the nut and the lock washer to be bolted on.

One other thing. Don't make the same mistake this noob did with the install. DON'T tighten all the bolts until the car has its full weight on the wheels. I tightened everything up before we let it down and it wouldn't let the suspension settle to the proper height.

Note from Flyin' Miata: We've found the new shock bushings being supplied by Mazda are thicker than the originals, and this problem with trying to install the top nut is common to all shocks.