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Flyin' Miata NA/NB four-wheel Little Big Brake Kit

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2018):

I got this kit for my 2003, four piston powerlites on all four corners, parking brake and adjustable proportioning valve which will run you exactly $1,200. I'm still running stock sized tires so maximum braking can't be increased but everything else is much much better. Initial bite is amazing once you get some heat in them, brake pressure throughout feels so much better so you do stop quicker until you reach that lock up point. This encourages speeding up just so you can slam on them every once in awhile to feel how fast you can get close to that point and hold it.

The adjustable proportioning valve is, in my opinion, the centerpiece to this kit. Lift up the hood and with the twist of a knob you can set up your brakes any way you want in seconds, daily driving, track driving, drifting, it's a lot of fun to play around with.

The E-brake is the only reason this review isn't four stars, they do warn you about it but it really does suck. With it adjusted as tight as I dare go it still won't hold the car on its own on any grade above about 3 degrees. My recommendation is make this kit cost you $1,220 and buy some chalks to throw in the trunk, and always always always park in gear.

As for installation, it'll take a day at least even with some help from a friend, the dust guards in front took some slight trimming with tin snips but other than that it's completely bolt on, quick and easy. The parking brake takes some wrestling to get off the car and to get the new one on but that's the only true challenge. Make sure to use thread sealant where the lines attach to the calipers and for the proportioning valve or you will have leaks everywhere!

All in all, amazing kit, would absolutely recommend!

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