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Flyin' Miata NC four wheel Little Big Brake Kit

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2018):

Just installed the 4-piston LBBK on my 2010 NC. It might be because they are still wearing in but I don't find the stopping power to be any better than the stock brakes so far. I was expecting them to be much more sensitive than stock. FM's instructions were OK but we found a couple of typos and there were definitely some places where a few more pictures would have been helpful. We called them a couple of times for questions and they had the answers right away so tech support was good. FM also did a great job though of labeling all the parts so it was nice and easy to identify what everything was. If you don't want to spend $3600 for a full Wilwood BBK then I think this kit is probably a nice value though. I might have gone with the 6 piston if money had allowed.

Note from FM: Full stopping power will not be achieved until the brakes have been through the bedding process.

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