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1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)

Product Review (submitted on August 13, 2018):
It was a sad day for my much-loved Miata when this bar was installed. Visibility and seating position have never been the same. The bar is low and forward enough that my head hits it. Forward goes the seat and up goes the seatback. Welcome to your new car with cramped seating and crummy sightlines. Even the safety improvement is mixed. If I ever get rear-ended, my head is hitting that bar hard.
Maybe these problems are non-issues if you aren't so tall (I'm 6'1"). Maybe the M1 bar would have given more space.
That said, fit, finish and quality of build are all good. That two-star rating is a compromise. Product quality earns a 4-5 star review. What it did to my car earns 1 star.
I wish someone had warned me. If I had to do this over, I'd have ordered an M1 with a single diagonal (so I could see out the RV mirror) or the Deuce.

Note from FM: We're sorry to hear it didn't work out. Tall people and roll bars are a problem for Miatas. The problem is that they have to fit under the top. The taller the bar, the further forward it has to sit. Push it back, the bar gets shorter. The Deuce sits further back but is considerably shorter than the Sport. The M1 bar gives the exact same clearance as this one does.
The single diagonal bars have worse rear view for some people and better for others. We've found that, on average, the double diagonals are acceptable for a greater proportion of the population.