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Hush-O-Matic exhaust for ND

Product Review (submitted on July 12, 2018):

I installed my HoM this morning and have been driving all day. I absolutely love it.

The install was straight-forward and easily completed by a novice mechanic with no help. Some co-ordination required to remove and install the exhaust without an extra set of hands, but the whole thing took me less than an hour.

The trickiest part of the install is definitely removing and replacing the vacuum line on the barb that comes out of the back of the engine. It is in a tight spot, so small hands definitely help. I don't have small hands, so I found removing the brace helps, as does swearing under your breath.

This exhaust makes the car sound as good as it looks. A touch deeper at idle and when noodling through my subdivision, but it wakes right up when I go past about 20% throttle. Bassier, no drone, louder without being offensive, and a nice burble when I let off the gas. Super happy with this -- I took a chance, buying without hearing it on a similar car, and I'm glad I did.

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