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FM Level 1 clutch

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2018):
I've run about 5 tanks of gas and done a couple autocrosses on the new clutch. Feels like stock (with very slightly tougher pedal) and LOCKS when you release it. The pedal is firmer than a stock accord and much lighter than a stock mazda5. Very smooth engagement even with a light flywheel. Gotta be a bit more careful through the friction zone since it grabs so hard once you fully release it. But it’s so smooth and linear that it’s really not a problem.

There is a new noise at around 2800rpm on decel probably due to the lightweight flywheel I installed at the same time as this. But it's not very loud and I don't mind it.

My car is at stock power levels but I'm planning to boost in the future.