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NB 2.25" Flyin' Miata naturally aspirated midpipe and catalytic converter

Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2018):
Bought this along with the FM muffler, I'm waiting till the headers come back in stock. My cat was rattling up a storm, which caused me to blush redder than my car's paint... so I thought this would be a great opportunity for an upgrade. I can't tell any significant power-gain from the butt-dyno, but the car definitely breathes more easily and sounds great. I don't know if it's the muffler or this package, but the car sounds a LOT meaner than before, through all the rev range. It has a great deep bassy drone under 2.5k rmp with the top down, that's my only complaint. Has a great yell at higher rpms. (It's so hard not to floor it up to 6.5k rpm on the straights now cause it sounds so good up there!)

Install: I so desperately wanted to do it on my own, but I didn't have good enough tools to take the rust-eaten bolts off the original exhaust. Heck, even the shop had difficulty. Once they got the old exhaust out, though, the new one fit in remarkably well with little drama.

So, good sound (just loud cabin at low rpm), good fit and install, and seems to have let the car breathe better. Also, no problems with leaks that I can hear (yet). Keeping my ear open, but nothing seems wrong.