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Paco Motorsports eccentric locks

Product Review (submitted on March 27, 2018):
I’ve run these on my car on the front camber bolts (which are the ones they’re mainly needed for) for around 9 months since my last alignment. The good news is they seem to hold the bolt in place very well. The bad news is they slightly limit the maximum camber you can get up front. As an ES car, just losing 1-2 tenths of a degree is a problem.

The other bad news is that once you’ve got them in place, you had better be happy with the setting. The forces involved with hard use tend to deform the teeth just enough that the pieces are very difficult or impossible to re-align once they have been removed.

I think that if you have an alignment you won’t want to change, and you’ve got more camber adjustment up front than you need, these locks are a good solution. Install them once, and plan never to touch them again. Due to my use case I am not replacing my deformed locks and will instead just rely on over-torquing the bolts and replacing them periodically.