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Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts

Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2018):

I installed these last night on my 90 Miata. I run a stock powerplant, stock viscous diff, Tanabe lowering springs, stock shocks, stock sway bars, Advanti Storm S1's with super cheap rubber, front Good-win racing shock tower brace, lower arm braces front and rear, and a Cobalt rear shock tower brace. These top hats COMPLETELY changed my mindset on taking my car for a drive. I WAS embarrassed and apologetic when taking people for rides in my car BEFORE. It WAS a drift machine and an endo mobile because I HAD about an inch and a half of rear suspension travel (don't hire a maintenance mechanic for aftermarket work). NOW, after removing a bunch of crap left on my shocks and installing these top hats and included bump stops I am blazing over pot holes, big bumps, and dips yet my keister hasn't left the seat nor have I bottomed out, despite my efforts. Drifting takes a lot more coaxing now but the G force factor is stupid, even with cheap rubber. Rating out 5 = +2.5 Rear Grip, +5 Comfort, -2.5 Drift +1 Steady Understeer, +2 Transitional Understeer. Going to install longer front bump stops to fix the Understeer.

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