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Mazda Competition motor mount

Product Review (submitted on December 29, 2017):
With competition engine mounts installed the whole car quivers a little at idle. The beams of your head lights will dance on the rear of the car ahead of you at stop lights. This said, the increased stiffness of the mounts has two advantages. The first advantage is that the stiffness of the horns of the front subframe, where the upper control arms are attached, are meaningfully stiffened by the increase in rigidity of the lateral load path carried through the stiffer motor mounts and the engine block. With the stiffer engine mounts this load path ties those two points together and makes the front end control arm supports more rigid. The whole front end of the car become tighter. The second advantage is that you will be able to find 3rd gear exactly where you left it the last time you used it. The engine and transmission no longer move as much under load. The change in vibration is not to every ones taste. If you don't mind or notice such things having the engine be tied tightly into the structure of the front end snugs up everything up there in a way that increases the stability of the car in sweeping turns, and the sharpness of the turn-in in tight, alternating turns