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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on October 12, 2017):
Was super excited to install these... they cost me 70$ with shipping and all so wasn't exactly cheap! just one thing... my doors wont close unless I slam the living shit out of it... tried adjusting it with the bolts as much as possible, and tightened whilst making sure the delrin isnt wobbling about, and i got the right fit as much as possible, but nope, still gotta slam them, and the more i tighten the bolt down, the harder it is to close. Having said that, i haven't been for a ride yet to determine the stiffness and quietness, as i don't want to be seen outside struggling to close my doors. After reading some reviews, I'v decided to try sand it down! Not that there should be any sanding to do in the first place but anyway... will post another review if all goes well.

Note from Flyin' Miata: Sanding is sometimes necessary, as the rigid nature of Delrin means a small bit of car-to-car variance can't be absorbed by deformation like it can with the soft factory rubber. Guppy, if you continue to have difficulties please contact us.