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Extended lower ball joints for NA/NB

Product Review (submitted on September 15, 2017):
These ball joints sit about 5.5mm further out than the OEM ball joints. The total travel of an eccentric suspension adjusting bolt is just over 1cm or around 11mm, full travel, from one side to the other. So the displacement of the center of rotation of the ball joint is approximately HALF of the full range of travel of the adjusting eccentrics. These dimensions are not listed anywhere in the vendor literature. Since this is necessary to estimate the new position of the eccentrics, and whether or not you have the range of travel there that you need to achieve your goal, I made my own measurements. This 5.5mm or a half turn of the eccentric is important to understand in calculating what change will occur in your suspension. If, for instance both eccentrics have a witness mark that sits dead center in the middle of the range of travel for a given setting, of for instance -0.5 of negative camber with the OEM ball joints, once you install the extended ball joints, to obtain the same -0.5 degrees of negative camber, both eccentrics will then be turned to adjust for 5.5mm, of change. This will place the eccentrics at the limit of travel towards the center line, for the same -0.5mm position. For a Miata NA or NB sitting at stock ride height the range of adjustment in camber is said to be -0.5 degrees to -3.5 degrees. The vendor has a video showing these extremes being measured on an alignment machine, as the eccentric is turned from one extreme to another