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Paco Motorsports Strong Arms

Product Review (submitted on August 25, 2017):
I have been wanting to get fender braces for my NB for quite some time, but I wasn’t that impressed when comparing the available options for my car. I mean, why would someone build a brace designed to stiffen the frame horns without extending them far enough to tie in the front suspension mounting points? It seemed like an obvious design flaw to me, so when I saw FM advertise their new strong arms and I saw just how much sheet metal it tied together (a lot!), I knew I had to have a set.
I was too excited to wait for a powdercoated set to become available so I bought a set in bare steel and hosed them down with a layer of undercoating spray. After bolting them in I thought I’d have to adjust my doors, but they opened and closed just like they used too. My Delrin door bushings have zero play, so I’m guessing they maintained my door alignment throughout the install. Nice! The install took me about five hours total.
First impressions? I live in SoCal and the roads here are pretty good, but there is an onramp I use a lot that has a sharp 90 degree turn right before it merges with traffic that has a string of potholes at the apex. The front of the car used to shimmy around and generally make a fuss every time I entered that portion of the turn. Now all I feel is a string of solid thumps. As nice as that is, I didn’t buy these for the reduction in NVH, so I was pleased at what they did for my steering feel. My suspension is set up to understeer a bit at the limit, and without the strong arms, the limit was always a bit hard to nail down accurately. With the strong arms installed, I could feel through the steering wheel the exact point when the front tires were giving up grip and dial it back just a tad.
All in all, I’m thrilled with how well these work. A definite win for FM!