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FM Level 1 clutch

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2017):

Picked up a stage 1 a while ago after experiencing occasional clutch shudder on my 2002 that I purchased with 26K miles. Research indicated this was a common problem with 01 and 02 5-speeds. I didn't install the new clutch right away because the old one had so few miles on it and the shudder was only occasional. But it gradually got more severe when it happened. So a couple weeks ago the Stage 1 FM clutch went in.

What a difference. Not only have I had zero clutch shudder (which I expected) but engagement is way smoother than it was with the old clutch. If the pedal effort is any greater than stock, I can't tell. And the rattle common with many aftermarket clutches is completely absent.

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