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15x8 wheel / tire bundle for NA/NB

Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2017):
I have been looking to upgrade my Miata for a long time now, and one of the first upgrades for a car should be the wheels and tires.
Finding the correct wheels and tires to fit your car can be a hassle when you're just a wee gearhead learning the ways around your vehicle, but FM really knows what they're talking about and were able to put together a clean package that works very nicely.
I at first ordered the Kosei K5rs with Direzzas, but FM was out of the Koseis, both in grey and silver. The FM team was EXTREMELY helpful and didn't mind me calling about a million times to ask questions and for updates on shipping, etc. They were probably the most helpful people I have ever interacted with over the phone.

I got the Advanti S1 Storms in Titanium Mirror, still wearing the Direzzas; they came ahead of time, all packaged nice and neatly with the new lugnuts and a lug adapter, and were a relative breeze to install. They also make the car (1999) make look aggressive and more modern. I am in love.

And as for handling, I can't say much for the other tires, but the Direzzas are like glue. I don't notice much extra road noise since Miatas are loud already, and boy do these things stick. I have barely been able to even get them to squeak around corners, and I had to say bye-bye to spinning the tires on launch- now the car just lifts off like a rocket. It feels like I have a 40hp gain on acceleration with these tires.

Totally recommend. Make sure to read up on tire pressure vs heat expansion so you can get your street vs track pressure correct.