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Flyin' Miata butterfly brace (NA)

Product Review (submitted on July 5, 2017):
I have a 1995 with 60k miles and just put on the butterfly and frame rails at the same time. I'm not sure if my car had been babied previously and retains some rigidity from the factory but I did not experience the night and day difference that everyone else did. It helped a little with the shuddering over large bumps, but I'm not sure it justifies the price/effort. In a way it's good that I got both the rails AND the butterfly, since I'd be left wondering if I only got the rails.

Please note that the reviewer who took 2 and a half hours to finish the job did it with the help of a lift AND A TECHNICIAN. This is not an easy job, especially if you're by yourself on your back. Allow for a day's work.

Advice: get a lift and a technician. No seriously, the rails weren't so bad, just be prepared to manhandle the brake/fuel lines more than you think you should. When it comes time to tighten the center section, use a 6 inch extension with a universal joint attachment. I had to remove my catalytic converter to get enough room for the driver side front corner bolt.

Bottom line: maybe it will pay dividends as the car ages and loses its inherent rigidity, but don't expect miracles if you have a relatively low mileage car.