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NA8 Flyin' Miata catalytic converter

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2017):
This is branded/endorsed as a FM product but is actually manufactured by "Thermal Design R&D" who also handles all warranty claims. Mine arrived with shoddy welding with very sharp stalactites around the seams. Product installed fine but failed within two years and less than 9,000 miles of usage, well below half the advertised warranty period. The product itself is shabby but the warranty claim process was the real nightmare. Not only did I have to pay for shipping and return shipping, my warranty claim was declined EVEN THOUGH the manufacturer determined the cat needed to be repaired and I would have to PAY to have it fixed because of "unspecified reasons." What this means is the "limited warranty" is worthless because it allows FM to deceive you into thinking you'll be covered when in legalese it means they can deny it for ANY reason. FM customer service was even worse because they were not upfront about the warranty details both on their product page or during the warranty claim process and were not interested in making me whole in the slightest. Absolute garbage product and terrible customer service. When all is said and done I could have bought THREE MagnaFlow cats for the price of ONE FM cat. AVOID this overpriced product because thankfully there is a HUGE aftermarket for miata parts. If FM reserves the right to deny your warranty claim then you reserve the right to deny them your money.

Note from FM: Obviously this is not what we consider a normal state of affairs and we never intend to deceive. We're going to look into what happened here.