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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2017):
I was really excited to get this part after all the raving reviews. So as soon as I received the door bushings I installed them.

Not sure if I feel any difference in stiffness.

With the bushings installed, the passenger door closed fine, with a nice solid click. The driver side door, on the other hand, would not close unless it was slammed to the point where I thought the door window would shatter.

No matter how much I adjusted the bushing and the cup, the door would not close. Now, the car has never been in a accident, all the body panels are straight, no abnormal gaps in the door, door hinges are not loose or sagging.

I had to sand A LOT to get the bushing to sit in the cup so that the door would close normally.

Not sure if one of the bushings I received was defective, but I just wanted to share my experience.