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Flyin' Miata sway bars (NC chassis)

Product Review (submitted on February 28, 2017):
I installed these into an '07 MX-5 and have been using them for about 30k miles now. I put them in at the recommended settings while the car still had non-sport OEM suspension and it made a substantial difference in reducing lateral roll and tightening up left-right transitions. Additionally, they didn't interfere with ride comfort and weren't too expensive or difficult to install.

Later, I added some coilovers into the mix and started autocrossing. With some adjustment (stiffest front, softest rear), these still work well for me, though I'm not nearly experienced enough at this point to say how optimal the combination is performance-wise. Regardless, this is still a quality product that works well for what it sets out to do. I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and effective handling upgrade.