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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on February 28, 2017):
I Put a pair of these into an '07 MX-5 PRHT nearing the 100k mile mark. The installation was incredibly easy, requiring only a socket wrench and maybe 10 minutes of time. Prior to installing these, my doors would occasionally rattle a little over bumps in the road, but they're now dead-silent. They firmed up the chassis a little as well, though I didn't really notice it until I had an opportunity to spiritedly drive through some familiar surface transitions a few times.

The only noteworthy downside is the substantial increase in door-closing effort. These will likely require more force or follow-through in your motions than you or your passengers are used to. This side-effect is normal by all accounts I've read so far, but could nevertheless be a source of concern or annoyance to some. I'm fine with it, but your mileage may vary.