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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on February 6, 2017):
My brother bought me these as a Christmas present (with my recommendation of course) for my 95. It already has tein coils, fm sways, and poly bushings riding on some direzza IIs so I've been more than happy with handling, but even though It only has 50k miles on it now it had some nasty rattles and an odd unsettled feeling over bumps. I spent less than 5 minutes bolting these on and getting them aligned (seriously it's so easy) and I immediately noticed the more solid sounding door close that others mentioned. First impression driving was that the rattles are all but gone save for hitting some of the nastier bumps and even then the rattles are hardly there. It also lost most all of that unsettling feeling. I can't believe these work that well. I recommend them highly even if just for the noises they help quell.