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Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NB chassis

Product Review (submitted on August 31, 2016):
I have a 2002 Miata. I have to say after almost a six months of research on turbo kits, it was apparent that Flyin Miata was the way to go. I am more than happy to say that this Voodoo kit was the way to go. It took me exactly a week to install this kit with a few friends that have expierence with turbos. The instructions were wonderful and very clear. As far as the Voodoo box goes it's extremely is to figure out and tune. I am very pleased with this kit and very pleased with the power increase. I would definitely recommend any of Flyin Miatas kits. The kits come with every thing you need, literally. If you are serious about boosting your Miata and you want to do it the right way, go with Flyin Miata.