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Flyin Miata tool kit (1991-00 and MSM engine)

Product Review (submitted on August 21, 2016):
Amazing tool. The last time I had to remove a crank bolt, I had to fabricate my own tool. It's worth the price of this kit to have the convenience of a tool that works perfectly the first time!

A word of caution, DO NOT use your crank pulley bolts to install the crank tool - they are too long and you will snap a bolt off. If you're unable to drill the snapped bolt from your pulley boss, it will cost you about $130 to replace it or you'll have to run 3 out of 4 bolts. I ended up buying short bolts from the hardware store to use the crank tool.

The seal installers are simple to use and excellent. The only thing I would do to improve this kit would be to include two short bolts for the crank tool, but they're easy to acquire on your own.