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1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)

Product Review (submitted on July 1, 2016):

This Company is a joy to work with.

I had heard about Bethania Garage/Hard Dog Fabrication and the roll bar products they make for the Mazda Miata from many friends who have similar vehicles. I was told the products were popular and great quality.

The real quality at Bethania Garage/Hard Dog Fabrication is their unbelievable customer service. Before my purchase, Tom answered all of my fitment questions honestly, fully, and quickly. He mentioned his own personal experience, and didn't even steer me towards the most expensive bars, but ones he thought would fit my needs. I ended up deciding to buy an M2 Sport Bar with Double Diagonals.

Fast forward a week and a half: I pull up to my house today to find my package waiting (so excited!) and pick it up only to find the box and packaging have been DESTROYED by FedEx. The box was holed in several places, the protective wrap on the bar was torn through, and the powder coating on the bar was missing in several places. Not a great feeling when you are so pumped to get your new parts... So I sent an email to Martha (she had sent me the tracking info), detailing my predicament. We discussed how I felt we should proceed to correct the issue, and she said she would look into it. While I waited, I typed up an email to send to Bethania, just restating everything I had said on the phone so I had a record of it. Ten minutes after I hit send, Martha called me back and said that her and Tom had a chance to talk, and that they would be happy to correct the issue in either of the ways I had suggested. I made my choice, Martha cheerily thanked me (I was the only one who should have been saying that!), and I am now a happy customer who would suggest Bethania/Hard Dog to anyone and everyone!

Buy here, you won't regret it!

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