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1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)

Product Review (submitted on May 27, 2015):
The bars themselves appear to be of excellent construction. HOWEVER, the instructions that are included are terrible. I have a 2003 Shinsen and got the Hard Dog Sport (Double Diagonal). The instructions were primarily for installing some sort of micky mouse double loop thing. This meant that there were instructions to do several things that I didn’t have to do, and several very important instructions that were totally omitted. I’ve installed other brands in Miatas with few problems. The instructions included probably caused me to waste over 3 hours.
If you are going to lay out over $450, insist on a proper set of instructions. If they are too cheap to produce the right ones, there are other excellent bars on the market.

(note from Flyin' Miata: the instructions can be found at http://bethania-garage.com/hbs_m2s_m1m2hcht_xtreme.htm for anyone who would like to preview them. We suspect the wrong ones were accidentally provided in this case)