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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2015):
I was mainly shopping for some maintenance things for my Miata, and came across these. Bought them completely on a whim after reading positive reviews, and seeing how cheap they were.

It's very apparent that these are not a cheaply made piece of crap once they're out of the box. Well finished, and I know from experience that delrin is a fairly difficult to machine type of plastic, at least if you're trying to get a very smooth finish.

Installation was very easy to complete. Just remove your old spongy rubber mounts, clean the surface off, and use the worn paint spot as a guide for mounting. They're a slightly different shape than the stock bushings (capital D as opposed to a |} shape), but that's not an issue. The mounting holes are oblong for up and down movement, so I found it easiest to put it where I thought it needed to go, tighten the bolts down only enough to allow movement from a harsh force, and then shut the doors to align them. Tighten them down all the way and you should be good to go. My doors need a little more force to shut all the way now, but I'm sure I could solve that if I sanded the bushings down slightly. As it is it doesn't bother me enough, though. I re-used the old fasteners since they have a lock washer, but these do come with new grade 8 bolts if you want all-new.

The difference is actually quite noticeable. I lost a few interior squeaks, my door speakers don't create as many violent shaking noises in the interior anymore, and most shockingly, the car does feel just an ever so slight less floppy in corners and on bumps. Plus, the doors seem to stay shut better, and that ALSO results in better sealing with the top. All of these differences are small, but they're all positive and for a small price, definitely worth it.

If you're already going to be doing some work on your interior, do yourself a favor and add these to your order, you won't be disappointed.