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Flyin' Miata frame rails v2.0

Product Review (submitted on June 2, 2020):

Sure you can drill some holes and bolt it down but IMO.......
Paint them, rustoleum hammered black works well
The outside lip is relatively flush with the floor pan, the other side is not. Use aluminum washers to fill the gaps where you drilled holes. One one the outside lip per hole between 1 and 4 on the inside.
Point bolts into passenger compartment. Buy 20 twenty mm and 4 25mm
Don't mount the gas and brake lines as shown. Use the brackets but drill a hole in the floor pan (6mm bolt) and mount there.
Por-15 all holes inside and out.
One man job. Definitely worth it.

Note from FM: the rails are stainless steel, so paint is not required for protection although black paint will make them less visible. If you point the bolts upward, you do run the risk of abrading through the carpet in the footwell as occupants rub against them.

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