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Singular Motorsports hood louvers for NB

Product Review (submitted on May 22, 2020):
I had been on the fence for a long time, but after seeing Keith's video on Hood Vent Tech I decided to pull the trigger. I'm so glad I did this! I took my time and got it done in about nine hours. The first thing I noticed during the test drive was less heat in the foot wells. Then I noticed it seems the cooling fans are running for less time when they cycle. When I was finally able to make a high speed run the hood didn't flutter the way it used to and the front end feels more stable. I did spring for black oxide coated stainless steel button head screws instead of the rivets - I think they look better with the Ti/Black theme. I also gently bent each louver section to match the hood contour before installing to prevent distortion, as the louvers are stiffer than the hood in some spots. I did need to trim the underside of the first two louvers in the center section to clear the intake on my V8, but it does (just) fit with the LS7 intake.