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Rear view camera for 2016-2018 Miatas

Product Review (submitted on March 26, 2020):
Installed the camera about a little over a month ago now and it has worked for the most part flawlessly despite being driven through a Chicago winter.

Installation is pretty much plug and play after you remove the dash pieces. The video provided is very helpful as well as it walks you through every step. As a reviewer mentioned this is a perfect time to upgrade to CarPlay / AA as everything you need to get to will be exposed already. That is what I did and can confirm the camera works seamlessly with CP / AA.

The only issues I had was with the foam gasket and the adhesive used maybe not being the strongest. After a few days the adhesive gave up and I ended using some super glue between the bumper and gasket as I figured I wouldn't be removing it anytime soon. Getting the cable through the grommet is a hassle but you can always just poke an extra hole and reseal it afterwards.

The image quality is good, not 4K HD, but pretty good for a back-up cam. I actually had a 2019 CX-5 as a loaner a few days after installing and the image quality of the back-up cam on the CX-5 is far less clear than the image on this camera. The camera also integrates well with the Mazda software as it displays small flashing caution signs when the rear cross traffic alert detects something.

Overall, the camera is well worth it, installation is easy, it looks good, and I would definitely recommend it.

Also, FM customer service is always great so that's an added bonus in case something were to go wrong.