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Redline lightweight Shockproof gear oil

Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2015):
The NA6 Miata has a somewhat undersized differential, with a 6" ring gear. The size and capacity of the differential was increased in 1994 to 7" with the NA8. So the NA6 differential has long held to be vulnerable to damage. This is an excellent product for the NA6 differential. The differential will run more quietly. You will notice this from the cabin of the car. There is no down side.

What I would like to know is if anyone has used this in our 5 speed gear box for any significant period of time. I would be especially interested to know if this has been used in a Mazda five speed, if that five speed had been torn down after 6 months or so of use.

Apparently the very fine, solid lubricant additive can clog some kinds of bearings in assemblies where there is insufficient flow of the oil to keep the fine powder in suspension. The resulting clogging which occurs can prevent fresh oil from reaching all the bearing of the assembly, leading to lubrication starvation and failure. Has anyone used LW Shock Proof in a tracked Miata for six months or so, and then torn then box down after the fact? It would be very helpful to hear of such a result and to see photographs.

Note from Flyin' Miata: We’ve been mixing it in equal parts with MTL for years in high HP applications with no apparent adverse effects. We haven’t had to tear down a gearbox that’s had it in it.