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Paco Motorsports hub stands (version 5)

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2019):
I sent an email with photos and a video showing that my stands were not level. I also asked why the alignment bars are not straight. I had to shim all of the stands to get them as close to level as possible. Out by a quarter of an inch on two of them. Pretty sad when the equipment you use to do an alignment is out that bad.

The answer I received was just a cut and paste from Paco "saying" how they "intend" to manufacture a part, but no explanation as to "why" my parts came the way they did. I also had to clean out the bolt holes because they were full of powder coating. No response even after I asked FM for more information.

Very disappointed in how Flying Miata an Paco treated me on this.

When I asked Flying Miata for an explanation, nobody bothered to get back to me.

Real glad I spent $1000 for a part that nobody seems to care about.

Note from FM: since this review was posted, we did manage to make contact with Michael and Paco Motorsports. We believe the concerns were addressed.