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Flyin' Miata NA/NB four-wheel Little Big Brake Kit

Product Review (submitted on May 29, 2019):

This is an excellent kit that is a substantial upgrade. My combination is the 4 piston front and rear using 2002 Sport rotors with and the emergency brake feature. My Miata brakes was okay, these are impressive. This kit will require you to relearn your foot because they can stop hard.

Some install notes: I'd urge FM to look through and update the install PDF, while I figured it out it was a touch confusing. More pictures for us simple monkeys.

Also you may need to arch the spring clips to account for pad rattle, a easy fix.

Last but not least, installing the emergency brake cable was a slice of the warm afterlife unto itself using a creeper, strongly recommend you find a lift to get access for this portion of the install if getting the emergency brake option.

Just at a month in, very happy with the performance of these brakes and can recommend them.

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