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Garage Star Delrin door bushings

Product Review (submitted on May 7, 2019):
The improvement is subtle, but you'll notice the increased firmness going over a speed bump. You'll also notice it if you slam the door with more force than necessary, though it took me over a year to figure out that that was what was causing my driver's mirror to -- seemingly randomly -- go out of alignment. (Figured this out from a thread on miata.net where others recorded the same problem.) Not Miata's fault; don't think it happens with the OEM door bushings. I also believe this is the reason my driver's door window regulator came loose; the dealer simply retightened it, and all is good. Now that I understand, I'm gentle in closing the door, and the mirror problems went away. Proof btw, imho that these Delrin bushings really do make the ND stiffer.