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FM V-Maxx Classic coil overs for NB

Product Review (submitted on May 6, 2019):

Love my new FM V-Maxx Classic coil overs. Owned an NC for 5 years and it was 100% stock and I thought it handled good. Now own a NB and with this new suspension I think it handles great! I live about 40 minutes from the Tail Of The Dragon here in Tennessee and get to take some runs on it 3-4 times a month. Car stays flat in hard cornering,steering feels much more responsive and positive and this suspension gives me a lot more confidence to push harder than I was comfortable doing before.As far as the looks? I set the springs at FM's suggested heights of 12" front and 12 1/2" rear and the wheel gap is gone,looks MUCH better and I'm not scrapping on anything.I don't find the ride rough at all. Stiffer than OEM but that was the point. Guys tried to tell me I couldn't get a decent set-up for under a $1,000 but these V-Maxx suit me just fine! Only complaint I have is that Flyin Miata didn't send me any window decals so I can't advertise their product!!

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