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Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NA6 chassis

Product Review (submitted on April 24, 2019):
I made the upgrade part of an extended total project for my 1990 1.6 (150K on the odometer) - CARB turbo package, clutch package (FM happy meal) and rear differential (4.1 torsen).
Took my time, about three months, part time several short days per week. All parts were in the turbo package. I didn't need to purchase any thing additional. Made periodic support calls to FM to make sure my progress and install decisions were correct. Awesome support. Most difficult part of install for me was installation of turbo outlet IC pipe to the IC which route in the same area of the lower radiator hose. Turns out there is only one exact correct way to route these together without crimping or distorting the hoses. Took a few install attempts to get it just right. Then everything fit perfectly.
I had the engine and transmission out of the car for my install. When completed, started right up. No leaks or issues. Running timing at 4 degrees and boost at 6 PSIG first 500 miles as part of the break-in protocol for system and new clutch. Plenty of power - surprisingly, much faster than my stock 2005 MSM even at these low boost levels.
Totally happy customer with the product, service and the final result.