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Paco Motorsports Strong Arms

Product Review (submitted on April 18, 2019):
These fender braces by Paco Motorsports have been on my todo list for quite some time now. One of my biggest gripes with my 2001 NB2 Miata was the uncomfortable cowl shake and unnerving flexiness of the front when taking tight corners or hitting potholes. Installation wasn’t a breeze and took some work but it’s definitely not impossible for an amateur wrencher to do in a day or two.

Driving right out of my driveway I immediately noticed the immense rigidity of these braces, normally I’d wince backing out over the rain gutter but now I don’t even notice any significant chassis flex anymore up front. Taking it around town I also noticed there was noticeably less engine twisting upon acceleration and overall felt like it was sending more torque to the wheels instead of flexing around the engine bay. NVH is a mixed bag with these braces, on one hand they do increase the intensity and harshness of irregularities in the road, however the front is much more composed on rough road and the interior doesn’t rattle nearly as much anymore. Steering response has become almost instant as the front end no longer loads up. You can really feel the stability going through tight sweepers and hairpins. In general these braces seem to induce slightly more oversteer and throttle inputs have more effect getting the rear to come out. It’s almost a night and day difference.