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Rear view camera for 2016-2018 Miatas

Our ND1 back-up camera installed.
Rear view camera for 2016-2018 Miatas
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Très bon kit
Livraison rapide, installation facile et rapide grâce à la vidéo, l’image de la caméra est très clair, je la recommande

(translation from FM: fast delivery, quick and easy installation thanks to the video, the camera image is very clear, I recommend it)
Review by Yvan / (Posted on 6/14/2020)
Great Installation Video, Very Happy with Results!
I was hesitant to tackle a project like this until I viewed the installation video. Every disassembly, installation, and re-assembly step was spot-on and made this a stress free and fun job. The camera looks great (in my opinion better than the factory one) and works great.

Some recommendations on things that helped me with the installation:
1) Watch the video completely through before starting the job.
2) Take a picture of the wire connections on the head unit before you disconnect them to use for reference later. In my case there was a wire in the vehicle that was not being used, and when I when I was re-assembling the pre-disassembly picture confirmed it for me.
3) I would recommend using a hanger to fish the wire from the front door area to the trunk area.
4) When drilling/clearing space through the foam in the bumper, do this step before installing the gasket for the camera, this eliminates the chance of damaging the gasket.
5) Use a hanger to fish the camera wire through the bumper and into the trunk area.

p.s. The customer service was responsive and was quick to help me through an issue I had with the hardware.

Review by Dave / (Posted on 5/29/2020)
Excellent 3rd Party Rear View Camera
What a wonderful product! Like most reviewer, after watching the installation video, I was encouraged to install the camera myself. Video is excellent. The most difficult part is fishing the wire from front to trunk of the car and the camera wire from bumper into the trunk. I used coat hanger for both and was eventually successful! It was definitely a test of one's patience. I had to walk away a few times to release my frustrations. Functions and looks of the after market camera is just like factory! The only change I would recommend to other users is to place the foam sticky pad on the camera first instead of the bumper. This will allow you to fish the camera's wire through the hole without damaging the foam's adhesive. Thank you Flyin' Miata for offering such a wonder product at a reasonable price. Only minor complaint is the shipping packaging. Mine came in a FedEx/UPS bag and the product box was crushed. Luckily the camera was undamaged. I wish Flyin' Miata could have shipped in a box to protect the content but I understand that the shipping cost will increase.
Review by Heath / (Posted on 5/7/2020)
Time and money well spent.
I wouldn’t have bought this product if the install video wasn’t so well done. I’m not used to working on modern cars so yanking out dash components by hand would not have been something I would attempted without the step by step. Trickiest part was snaking the wire up through the bumper, but the end result was well worth the additions to the swear jar.
Review by Jeff / (Posted on 3/29/2020)
Excellent product, highly recommended
Works really well. Great picture clarity and Ange of view. The instructional video makes it really quite easy to complete. Very satisfied with this product, as well as, my recent Flyin Miata exhaust purchase! Keep up the good work guys!
Review by Dieter / (Posted on 3/29/2020)
Great Camera
Installed the camera about a little over a month ago now and it has worked for the most part flawlessly despite being driven through a Chicago winter.

Installation is pretty much plug and play after you remove the dash pieces. The video provided is very helpful as well as it walks you through every step. As a reviewer mentioned this is a perfect time to upgrade to CarPlay / AA as everything you need to get to will be exposed already. That is what I did and can confirm the camera works seamlessly with CP / AA.

The only issues I had was with the foam gasket and the adhesive used maybe not being the strongest. After a few days the adhesive gave up and I ended using some super glue between the bumper and gasket as I figured I wouldn't be removing it anytime soon. Getting the cable through the grommet is a hassle but you can always just poke an extra hole and reseal it afterwards.

The image quality is good, not 4K HD, but pretty good for a back-up cam. I actually had a 2019 CX-5 as a loaner a few days after installing and the image quality of the back-up cam on the CX-5 is far less clear than the image on this camera. The camera also integrates well with the Mazda software as it displays small flashing caution signs when the rear cross traffic alert detects something.

Overall, the camera is well worth it, installation is easy, it looks good, and I would definitely recommend it.

Also, FM customer service is always great so that's an added bonus in case something were to go wrong.
Review by Lui / (Posted on 3/26/2020)
You need this!
Great product, much appreciated supporting video, would recommend without hesitation.
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 3/24/2020)
Must Have
Installation Notes: Rear View Camera

First things first - The Flyin’ Miata instructional video is a must see. Do this to get an understanding as to what will be required to install this camera. My camera was installed in a 2016 Miata Grand Touring edition. It took me about an hour and a half, with most of the time fishing the cable from the trunk into the area behind the passenger seat. I used a pen light, placed in the void behind the seat, and then looked for the light. Once I saw it, I taped the cable end to a straighten metal coat hanger and inserted it from the passenger seat side. A bright color tape helped and was easy to spot.

After mounting the camera, I was able to snag the camera’s cable through the grommet hole in the trunk outer wall. Look closely at the proxisenty between the grommet hole and the cameras mounting hole and you can approximate where the cable will be found after it exits through the solid foam bumper impact material.

I live in Chicago and the weather here is cold and moist. Because the foam mounting gasket for the camera has a thickness, and the gasket’s sticky tape did not adhere as well as I had hoped, the camera became dislodged after about a week (my car lives outside). There are four metal prongs on the camera body that are intended to open once the camera is mounted. The thickness of the gasket, however, was not allowing this to happen, so I removed the gasket. When I reinstalled the camera, I twisted the camera, side-to-side a couple of times to allow the clips to spring open. This seems to have worked as the camera is now firmly mounted. The thickness to the fiberglass, where the camera is mounted, results in a tight fit. Just make sure that the hole for the camera was de-burred so that there is nothing keeping the prongs from opening.

Some final notes on the Rear View Camera installation

If you are thinking about installing Apple CarPlay / AndroidAuto, then now is the time to do it. You will need a new AUX Hub Unit and USB Data Cable Set. You will have to remove many of the same vehicle components for this installation, so doing this upgrade at the same time as installing the rear view camera makes sense. Just remember to upgrade your firmware * FIRST * to the latest operating system, OS Version 70.00.352 NA N, and the Music Database to Version 00.09.000.

Do I like the camera? Absolutely! Would I change anything? I would have the on-screen distance indicators as a user option. I, personally, would rather have a blank, unobstructed screen – but that’s just me. Otherwise, this addition to my ND was well worth the money, time, and effort.
Review by Alva / (Posted on 3/23/2020)
Great kit. Watch the video. Read the reviewer comments here.
I have ND 2016 convertible. With top up it's sometimes challenging to back out of parking. I've almost gotten hit several times. So I got this to help me be safer when backing, particularly top up.

I agree that seeing the video is a must! I even watched it again, stopping and starting as needed, while I did the job. That slowed me down but I was very concerned about accidentally breaking plastic that would be a real pain and expensive to repair or replace. Thanks to the video that didn't happen. As Brandon says, it is scary though. It seems there are only about 2 screws to remove and replace in the whole job. Otherwise it all snaps apart and back together like Legos.

There are great tips in the other reviews here. The video is awesome.

- I used a 24-36" flexible claw snake or grabber to pull the wire from the aft door jamb to the trunk. Worked great. No problem. Coat hanger would probably work just fine too.
- I wish disassembly of the area around a "Stock" roll bar behind the passenger seat was covered in the video although it is mentioned in another review. How to snap it apart isn't covered. It looks much easier with the aftermarket roll bar in the video. As usual, if you have never snapped an assembly apart, one may not know the "trick" to avoid breaking something.
- Getting the nut that is on the camera connector through the hole in the rubber grommet on the aft bulkhead of the trunk as shown on the video is a real pain in the butt. I used painters tape with approximately a 6" piece wrapped longwise to hold the nut in position on the connector and have about 3-4" to use as a handle to fish through the grommet. It is a real struggle. Maybe there is a better way? Punching a hole in the grommet is mentioned. That would sure be less "painful". Be sure to use a drop or two of appropriate sealer (a type of RTV, maybe?) around a punched hole to protect everything from water/moisture infiltration. After finally accomplishing that, I wonder if it might not be easier to get the end of the wire that comes from the front through the grommet (no nut on that end). There appears to be plenty of wire to permit that. That would leave some excess wiring between the camera and the connector in the bumper assembly. However that excess could be bundled and tied before being pushed back into the bumper void. My son's 2017 RF is next one I'll do, so I might try that on his.
- The reviewer suggestion to wait to place the camera on bumper adhesive gasket is a good one. I waited until I had the connector through the grommet and then placed it on the bumper. I didn't mark the center of the field of view (FOV) for the camera. I just eyeballed the center. However, once finished with the job I wondered if I should have marked it to ensure the camera is centered in it's view from the bumper. That would have been simple to do with just a dot for alignment. Or, I could have paid more attention to the actual view through the camera when I checked the function and before I sticky taped it in place. Since the video didn't mention it, I didn't worry about it until finished. Another thing to pay attention to on the next install.

Review by Lucky Jack / (Posted on 3/12/2020)
Bottom line - great video, clean look, works great
-The video is just as important as the product itself! A few things to note. The car in the video has a roll bar, so the plastic by the seat belt is easy to take off, not quite so if you have the factory set up. I found using a coat hanger as a messenger line worked better than fishing with needle nose.

- Car Play - The dealer installed the upgrade 2 days prior to my installation of the camera. Not sure if there would be any issue. No problems at all.

- Installation time - Having never taken a Miata apart before I took is slow and steady. About 2.5 hours start to finish.

- Bottom line - great video, clean look, works great.
Review by wade / (Posted on 2/20/2020)

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