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Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob

Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob
Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob
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3 Item(s)

Perfect shape, weight, and price
You simply cannot buy a better shifter for the price. It feels fantastic!
Review by jkosmo / (Posted on 7/1/2019)
The answer to stickshift problems
I've never noticed an issue with a hot shift knob, but I'm finding that this slightly taller knob is a simple and inexpensive modification that makes my shifts more precise.
Review by John / (Posted on 7/1/2019)
The perfect shift knob. I collect different steering wheels and I’ve tried to make my own shiftknobs and i used to run a delrin shiftknob from my old e36 m3 that I filled with epoxy and threaded and as soon as FM made their own it took me 2 seconds to place my order. Like all FM products. Perfect. Every shift is precise and enjoyable and your hand doesnt get scolded. I always say it to everyone FM is the reason you should buy a miata. They enhance the experience with great products and equal customer service. I would know. Sold my exocet and jumped right back into another Miata.
Review by Brian S. / (Posted on 6/22/2019)

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