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Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NC chassis)

Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NC chassis)
Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NC chassis)

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3 Item(s)

A very good option to improve handling with no downside.
I had the Stage II Koni suspension package installed by Eurosport in Norman, OK about a month ago. I have a 2014 PRHT Grand Touring edition vehicle with manual transmission and suspension option. I had the installer set the shocks on full soft and the anti-sway bars at the full tension settings. Prior to the install the car was incredibly "willowy". Every motion was accompanied by extraneous movement in the opposite direction, with body roll being amplified. With the new set up, the "willowy" movements are gone. The degree of change in the ride quality is almost imperceptible. I chose not to go to the coil overs because of the general condition of the streets I drive on daily and previous experiences with ride harshness that was distracting when not actively pushing the car to the limit. This set up provides control in corners that is fun, but with no downside in cruising quality. I have a STi that is carrying VERY stiff springs and shocks that talks to you over every acorn you encounter. This is more like what I would have expected the Miata factory suspension option to be than the spaghetti they provided. I would recommend this to Miata NC owners who want to tighten up their cars with no downside in daily driving manners.
Review by Tacitus / (Posted on 7/17/2020)
Happy with products, could have avoided a delay.
Performs as promised. Your install videos were very good, but when I dismantled my NC, I found that at 95k miles, my spring isolators were perished, and calls to 5 Mazda dealers found none in stock. Car sat on jack stands for a week waiting for parts. Video rightly suggests new bumps and shock bushings (mine were trashed), but just assumed these other rubber parts were reusable. I suggest advising customers to inspect these parts before ordering, and even stock and offer them as optional the way you do your bump stops.

Note from FM: Thanks for letting us know!
Review by Glenn / (Posted on 3/4/2020)
Transformed, but still a Miata
History: I bought my NC a few years ago and have never been satisfied with the suspension. The car never really felt planted. It would bounce around a bit when faced with mid-corner bumps, it was given to wallowing if you got even a little sloppy with your inputs. It leaned way too much, and the whole chassis just felt a bit loose and twisty.

So, I finally decided to upgrade: I recently had a local shop install the Flyin Miata Stage 2 Suspension package (Koni struts w/ FM Springs & Sway Bars) on a 2006 Grand Touring. I've let things settle in, and now have about 3000 miles on the new hardware using the recommended soft setting and the FM recommended alignment specs:

In a word: "Transformed." (but not really. If that doesn't make sense, read to the end:)


Looks: The car is lower, by about an inch, maybe a touch more. I didn't measure. It looks better. It reduces the huge gaping cavern between the tires and wheel arches on the stock car, but it doesn't look 'slammed'. I can still get over speed bumps without scraping, but I do take them slow. To most people; the car will not look 'lowered', it will just look 'right'.

Low Speed Handling: Let's get the obvious out of the way first: even on full soft, this is a stiff suspension. It is less comfortable around town. It jiggles over pavement irregularities and heaves a bit over bumps at low speed. By low speed, I mean up to about 50mph. At low speeds the real improvement is felt on turn in. The car is much more direct and positive. With the OEM dampers, you could hang a hand on the steering wheel, and just let the car move around under you - it was that loose. That is GONE. This tautness and 'buttoned down' nature was evident even just pulling away from the installers shop. This suspension takes the 'casual' out of the low speed handling. It's immediately obvious, the car transforms from a 'sporty' roadster to a 'sports car.' You'll find yourself darting around a bit at first because the steering is much more direct and responsive. I didn't expect this. I didn't even change tires. The difference is profound. If you've ever done a +1" or +2" wheel/tire conversion on a car, that's the level of difference you'll see in turn in.

High Speed Handling: At higher speeds, say 50mph to extra-legal highway speeds, it shines even brighter. What I had mistaken for a floppy/twisty NC chassis was no such thing. All the looseness I hated was in the suspension, and swapping it out actually made the cars' structure feel stiffer. I know that's an illusion, but it is how things _felt_. The stiffer suspension works so much better at higher speeds that the handling is transformed. The car doesn't lean to any meaningful degree. It corners flat. Humps in the road will no longer set the car shimmying at highway speeds. You'll find yourself taking all your favorite turns significantly faster. There's more grip. How is there more grip? I didn't even swap tires! But the bars work together with the shocks and springs, and make the most of your tires.

Track Handling: Not tested. But at anything under 100mph, leaving the suspension on full soft will satisfy 95% of people. To _need_ it any stiffer, you'll pretty much be in the realm of track work or going to jail.

Conclusion: Even with these profound improvements in the handling, the car still feels like a Miata. That's what I meant above when I said "Transformed, but not really." You can still toss it around. It's still beautifully balanced. You can still steer it with the throttle. Breakaway is still predictable and catchable. It's still a lovable little puppy. But instead of a playful cocker spaniel puppy half doing what you tell it, and half doing it's own thing, it's more like one of those obstacle course dogs. It's still a Miata, just a tauter, more grown up, more controlled, just... _more_ Miata. It goes from being a 'sporty car' to being a 'sports car'.
Review by RDD / (Posted on 2/28/2020)

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